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You already are the leader you need to be.


You are an individual full of strengths, experiences, and beliefs

that shape up how you view the world.

Your viewpoints are uniquely yours but chances they fall into 7 distinct lens.

peek behind the curtain to learn how more about leveraging leadership lenses



Leadership Development Assessment + highly personalized debrief/strategy session enabling you to lead your company or team with confidence.

Time investment: <= 2 hours

Financial investment: Special price - $199

Get started right away!



absolute trust in yourself every time you had to make crucial hiring or financial decisions for your company or team

a rock-solid confident mindset enabling you to get up in front of the team and inspire them to action and to have those more difficult conversations

a team of thriving and empowered employees who are in alignment with your mission and vision

a sustainable organization built with precise clarity and intentional strategy from the team you are hiring, to the culture you are creating, and ultimately the legacy you are building

Well, *surprise* all this is possible

(and just by being here, you're well on your way!)


read on to learn more!

Personalized assessment and
debrief + strategy session

helping you uncover

your innate leadership qualities  





>> Tap into your innate gifts and talents (read: the stuff that makes you, you) to be the leader your people need


>> Learn how to intentionally respond, rather than knee-jerk react,

to new challenges and growing pains  


>> Sharpen your self-awareness to confidently lead your team

precisely where they are meant to go  

>> Learn to trust yourself, and those you lead, while zooming out to acknowledge that we're just people doing our best

Energy Leadership Index


Recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 3 most important assessments executives should take

This 70 question attitudinal assessment shows you the precise percentages at which you experience the 7 unique leadership lenses (on average, and under stress).

personalized 75 minute Debrief + Strategy Session

Review your results with a certified ELI Master Practitioner and learn how to leverage your skills for success

Gain insight into each of the 7 leadership lenses and learn how to leverage them strategically for success

Craft your personalized strategy for optimizing yourself as a leader

Learn tools for approaching new challenges with an opportunistic mindset

Increase self-awareness and confidence to make better decisions faster and with more accuracy

Develop skills to prioritize with ease and focus attention on areas most likely to move the needle

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to get to know the 7 Leadership Lenses and how they show up in your life?

It's time to level up as a leader,

your people need you..

Times are hard, so for a limited time I'm throwing in the ELI for free.

Leadership Lens Alignment

Leadership Lens Alignment

$249.00Regular Price$199.00Sale Price


1. I'm so busy already, what is the time commitment?

This program asks for less than 1.5 hours of your valuable time. There is a brief assessment emailed to you that you can take at any time. This should take about 20 minutes. Then you will schedule a 75 minute debrief and strategy session to go over your results. At this point, you are done! You may find that you want to incorporate insights from your debrief into your life, but this happens on your own time.  (Or via on-going coaching!)

2. Do you offer a payment plan?

Of course! I know that sometimes our desire to learn reaches further than our bank accounts, so no worries. We can certainly split payments if necessary. 

3. I've done leadership training and taken assessments before... what makes this different?

Great question! The ELI and debrief is quite unique in that it is highly personalized. This is an attitudinal assessment, rather a personality assessment. This means that rather than assigning you a personality type to live with, that you "are", the ELI gives a picture of your current attitudes toward situations, which can be altered over time. 

You aren't learning what "type" you are and how to live into that, you are learning how you presently engage with situations and take action. This allows you to assess how you personally respond to challenges and opportunities, and your efficacy as a leader.

Results look like this and a debrief entails discussing what these percentages tell you about yourself as a leader:

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